Inspiring Transformational Leadership

Building Organizational Capacity For Engaged and High Performing Teams

We help leaders grow in self, social, situational and role intelligence/awareness which results in transformational leadership.

Allow us to assess your current reality and help you create a preferred future. Our customized training programs focus on achieving behaviour patterns that align with your goals. Our team is equipped in coaching and mentoring that cultivate success attributes. We help organizations thrive!


In order for your organization to be successful, it takes bench strength. Have you assessed the capability of your organization to ensure that you have what it takes to achieve your goals? We help you figure out exactly what is required from your leadership to your individual contributors. 


Most successful businesses will tell you they could not have accomplished their goals without help. TKB will help clarify your organization’s attributes and purpose, create the vision and define the mission. TKB goes beyond nicely-crafted statements on a wall, and inspires employee participation that is above and beyond.  

Development Approach


Our training programs are focused on the following organizational ecosystem constructs:

  • Culture focuses on individuals and the behavioral dynamics that present on a team’s performance
  • Capabilities centers on the work and the resources required to get it done 
  • Climate addresses the environment individuals operate within and the impact on their performance

Our strategy comprises of and requires extensive assessments which provide awareness on the areas that need targeted action which in turn produces desirable results.




Some Of Our Clients

Client Testimonials

“With workforce dynamics changing drastically due to COVID, it is critical for leaders to reduce fear, build trust, and nurture relationships throughout the organization.  Takaboom Consulting has enabled my leadership team to have enhanced awareness and, also, to develop the skills required for responding mindfully during these uncertain times of change.”

Annalea Ilg 

“Taka and his approach creates an environment where openness and honesty can become the foundation of a stronger team. Through common language and understanding, the group can see how their strengths can come together to build a stronger, high performing team.”

Carole Santerre, VP 

“Taka is always quick to step up when I need him, a consummate professional, he is very good at finding solutions, sometimes to problems you haven’t realized that you have yet.”   

Blair Toblin, Director

“Outstanding Business Coach, with a nice blend of ethic and morale.”

Eduardo Arciniega, President

“Taka coached us through identifying key tenets of our vision which resulted in team buy-in and unity. He has a real gift and it was a game changer. “

Scott Smith, CEO