Effective Facilitation through Connection

A skilled Facilitator has the ability to bring people together and create an atmosphere that makes it possible for them to collaborate towards a common objective. Facilitators understand how to connect to their audience using a deep understanding of how to engage people and reading the room in order to guide the conversation.

What to Expect

  • Discover the various aspects of the Learning Ecosystem and how to engage the Human Learner in a holistic manner.
  • Create an awareness of the unique dynamics of the Adult Learner, how they influence Facilitation and how they may be leveraged by a Facilitator.
  • Develop an understanding of how to enable effective knowledge transfer whilst making the experience transformational for participants. 
  • Explore the TKB Facilitation Model by considering the four different elements in the Facilitation space that require management, namely self, environment, task, and people management.
  • Recognize the various tools that can be utilized to ensure effective Facilitation. 
  • Investigate the process of Teaming Facilitation and strengthening teams by using tools that reveal motivations for behaviour. 



  • 24 Instructional Hours, 6 Live Virtual Sessions (Instructor Led)
  • Blended Learning: e-Learning, Pre- and Post-Session Activities
  • 6 Instructor Led e-Learning Sessions (2 hours each)
  • Group and Individual Coaching Sessions


Program Assessment

The Facilitation Certification Program is assessed as follows:

  • Completion of an Action Learning Plan (A.L.P.).
  • Completion of all modules (24 instructional hours) and all pre- and post-work requirements.
  • Transfer of Learning will be assessed based on our Competency Model that encompasses the knowledge and skills presented in the program.
  • Certificate of Completion awarded to participants who meet all the above requirements.