Cohesive Teams Produce Results

Successful teaming leads to high engagement and fulfilment but is dependant upon alignment to function as a cohesive team versus a group of people. Tap into proven methods to get work done, improve the quality of interactions amongst your team, and raise self and social awareness. 

What to Expect

  • Discover the differences between a team and a group, how a team functions as an ecosystem, and why this is crucial to the success of your organization.
  • Create an awareness of the make up of your team, how this raises individual engagement and develops discretionary effort.
  • Uncover the forces at play within the team environment and how being unaware of them can be damaging.
  • Understand the negative team behaviours that can sabotage your success and learn how leverage individual differences.
  • Establish rules of engagement with regards to team communication and enhance the quality of your interactions.
  • Develop a team charter to strengthen task execution and perform at a higher level.


  • 24 Instructional hours, including 6 Live Virtual Sessions (Instructor Led)
  • Blended Learning: e-Learning, White Papers, Pre and Post Session Activities
  • Group and Individual Coaching Sessions


Program Assessment

The Power of Teams Program is assessed as follows:

  • Completion of an Action Learning Plan (A.L.P.).
  • Completion of all modules (24 instructional hours) and all pre- and post-work requirements.
  • Transfer of Learning will be assessed based on our Competency Model that encompasses the knowledge and skills presented in the program.
  • Certificate of Completion awarded to participants who meet all the above requirements.