Manage and Influence Change

Unrelenting change can expose our lack of resilience and lead to change fatigue. Change fatigue is a state that slowly affects people mentally, emotionally, and physically. While change is often inevitable and even necessary, it doesn’t come without a cost. Leaders may encounter signs such as frequent absenteeism, disengagement, and poor performance. These challenges can be overcome by developing skills that increase mental and emotional agility, as stated in this program.

What to Expect

  • Discover the principles at play during times of change and how to navigate it.
  • Create an awareness of the different types of change and how they impact the workplace.
  • Uncover the effects of change and how leaders can mitigate the negative impact on their employees.
  • Recognize the importance of developing self awareness (thoughts, emotions, speech, behaviours) as a method to navigate change and influence team members in a positive way.


  • 24 Instructional Hours, 6 Live Virtual Sessions (Instructor Led)
  • Blended Learning: e-Learning, Pre- and Post-Session Activities
  • Group and Individual Coaching Sessions


Program Assessment

The Living with Change Program is assessed as follows:

  • Completion of an Action Learning Plan (A.L.P.).
  • Completion of all modules (24 instructional hours) and all pre- and post-work requirements.
  • Transfer of Learning will be assessed based on our Competency Model that encompasses the knowledge and skills presented in the program.
  • Certificate of Completion awarded to participants who meet all the above requirements.