Influence and Inspire Virtually

The modern workplace requires leaders with the necessary skills and awareness to lead virtual teams. Strong results develop from deep interpersonal relationships built on trust. This program will enable participants to successfully lead their remote team members towards high performance and engagement through a strong sense of belonging. 


What to Expect

  • Discover the definition of virtual teams, the 4 types of virtual teams, and the pros and cons of leading virtually.
  • Create an awareness of the different challenges that occur when leading virtual teams and how to overcome them.
  • Explore how knowing yourself, sharing yourself and celebrating your team makes a great virtual leader.
    • Learn how to connect with virtual team members by seeing, hearing, and responding to them.
      • Understand how the various responsibilities and accountabilities within a virtual team lead to high performance.
        • Recognize that communication and building trust are the building blocks of effective leadership.


        • 24 Instructional Hours, 6 Live Virtual Sessions (Instructor Led)
        • Blended Learning: e-Learning, Pre- and Post-Session Activities
        • Group and Individual Coaching Sessions


        Program Assessment

        The Leading Virtual Teams Program is assessed as follows:

        • Completion of an Action Learning Plan (A.L.P.).
        • Completion of all modules (24 instructional hours) and all pre- and post-work requirements.
        • Transfer of Learning will be assessed based on our Competency Model that encompasses the knowledge and skills presented in the program.
        • Certificate of Completion awarded to participants who meet all the above requirements.